Our services are tailored around our clients’ specific needs. We can tailor a customised solution to meet your particular working at heights requirements.

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Purchase product

We work with you to identify and then purchase the correct product for the job at hand.

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We create training programs to ensure worker safety. These include programs in care, use, maintenance and inspection. The programs are designed to cover your workplace’s essential equipment-safety requirements.

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Workplace safety audit

We carry out working at heights safety audits. We come to your work environment and observe; we watch, listen and learn. Using the information from the audit, we can work with you to devise a safe working at heights solution.

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Asset management

The assets management program identifies the current status of all Branach ladders, location, inspection history, serial numbers, and repairs if required. All of the information collected is put into a centralised database to provide up-to-date assett condition reports.

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Onsite inspection and repair

Branach will visit your site to inspect your unique Branach products to identify and conduct any maintenance required. Repairs are done on the spot if necessary, and products condemned and replaced if required.

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In order to stay at the top of the game, Branach is in the business of creating new and more efficient solutions to meet our clients’ challenges. We do this by listening to what our clients have to say, as well as preempting what the future holds in height safety solutions.